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Pre-Kona etriatlon.cz Interview


I just got interviewed by a Czech Triathlon magazine about my preparation for the upcoming World Championship in Kona. Here is the translation:
I qualified for Kona already last year in December in Cozumel. Because Cozumel is only 6 weeks after Kona, I was not expecting much out of this race. I did not feel exactly rested or fresh. But as a result I really got to enjoy the race. I finished second in my age group and there were just two Kona slots, so I was quite lucky.
I would like to experience Kona in a similar way this year, without too much of an expectation, enjoying the atmosphere. Last year, when I competed in Kona for the first time, I had some stomach problems on the run. The heat, sun rays reflecting off the lava fields, salt water, fueling your body while exercising, exerting yourself, somehow my body did not take it. There was a few of us on the side of Queen K. If I could run the full marathon this time and be at least a half hour faster, I would be happy with the result.
I feel to be in decent shape. A month ago I came in 9th in my age group in the half ironman world championship in Las Vegas. I needed to be 5 minutes faster to be on the podium. Last year I skipped this race to get ready for Kona but then the preparation seemed so long. This year it broke things up into more manageable segments. If I could finish even in Kona in top 10, I would be happy.
This year I am part of the Zoot Ultra team. There’s about 10 pros and 20 age groupers. Zoot Sports, which specializes in triathlon gear, will be celebrating its 30- year anniversary this year. Zoot was born in Kona, so it’s a kind of homecoming. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the team. We’re spread all around the world, so it’ll be great to be together for a change.
What I like about Kona the most is swimming to the coffee pier and watching the fish while at it, of course the Underwear Run, Parade of Nations, breakfasts at Lava Java, snacks at the Acai Bowl, spending time on beautiful beaches, meeting people from all over the world who, like you, have spent the whole year preparing for the race.
I really respect all participants of this race. To get to the starting line means a lot of effort towards qualification and some keep trying for a few years. Others have a personal story, some kind of a fight, which has appealed to the committee to be selected to compete in the race. And if you manage to qualify, then as a reward you can go suffer by participating in this race.
And now it’s time to relax, rest and prepare mentally for the race.

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